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Russia's bear market

As economic icy winds blow, Russia's airline market evolves and airports look for investors

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Russia’s bear market

Russia, once a fast-growing engine of world economic growth enjoying robust growth in airline passenger numbers, has been hit hard by the effect of sanctions and reduced demand for international air travel to/from the country. Investors now are looking nervously at the prospects of what was until recently one of the phenomenal-growth BRICs.

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Enhancing Customer Experience and Margins

From a higher level perspective the ongoing challenge faced by airlines is how to reduce operating costs and increase revenue while improving the customer’s experience and brand loyalty.

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Airline e-commerce

What it really is - and the importance of creating a competitive presence in cyberspace. No-one would argue that today’s marketplace for airlines has been transformed forever by e-commerce. From the first few airline tickets sold in December 1995 by Alaska Airlines and the former British Midland via their newly launched websites, global online travel has grown to generate half a trillion dollars in annual revenue. More and more travellers use internet-based products and services to manage various aspects of their travel life cycle. 

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Emirates turns 30 - Just as Emirates has changed the world, now it faces its own changes

The most surprising part about the 30th anniversary of Emirates Airline in Oct-2015 is that the carrier is, in fact, 30. There are those who might think Emirates is older: after all, it is now the world’s largest international airline. Surely such an achievement must be grounded in history, back in the days of flying boats, the League of Nations and colonial empires.

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